Choice Yacht Chandlery, based in West Palm Beach, Florida, was founded by the former managers of Hopkins Marine in West Palm Beach, Florida, Shane Cullen and Mike Ancona. Choice Yacht now welcomes our old customers from Hopkins Marine and invites yachting enthusiasts to experience the same excellent service and product knowledge our long time customers have enjoyed for decades. In our new chandlery we aspire to the highest standards of customer service in the Industry.
Our team is able to assist in every facet of the yachting industry including paint, rope and rigging, anchors, plumbing, electrical supplies, safety items, pumps, hardware and cleaning supplies. Choice Yacht Chandlery has a reputation in the yachting community for getting the job done to our clients' specifications.
Choice Yacht prides itself on an operation that runs smoothly and professionally throughout every stage of the transaction. There is no better alternative in the industry that will serve you completely, from bow to stern and beyond. When you contact Choice Yacht you will reach staff members who have first hand knowledge of the specialized products you require.

There is no project too large or too small for Choice Yacht Chandlery.
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