Choice Yacht Chandlery covers all aspects of yacht cleaning supplies to combat corrosion and its affects on all types of vessels that put to sea. We can provide you with all of the information
you need to tackle any problem. Corrosion at sea can be caused
by a great many things, sea water and salt combine to create one of the most corrosive products known and also electrolysis is a problem that can only become apparent on a new build many months, if not years after launch. If corrosion is found, dealing with it immediately can save a great deal of work and money at a later date.
Quality teak decking can serve decades when properly maintained or it can be ruined in one year. The right products can help you brighten and maintain beautiul teak decks. That's where Choice Yacht Chandlery comes in. We can get you the best teak maintenace products including brighteners and oils that will keep your precious investment looking beautiful.
Do you need the best boat wax, a strong boat hook or a soft deck brush? Choice Yacht offers the ultimate maintenance products and boat accessories to help you keep your boat ship shape. Select from a line of cleaners and compounds with formulas to clean, polish, wax and restore hundreds of surfaces on your boat. For Boat Wax, Hoses, Scrubbers, Mops & More, Choice Yacht has put together the best selection of boat care products from across the marine industry to help you maintain and protect the value of your boat. If you need boat cleaning supplies like Boat Polish, Boat Soap, Deck Brush, Mop and Hoses you will find them here.

Featured products include Strataglass
premium clear vinyl called that has a scratch resistant coating that gives it superior clarity when cared for properly. IMAR Products in conjuction with Strataglass to create products that clean and maintain Strataglass clarity without harming the scratch resistant coating. In fact, IMAR StrataglassT products molecularly bond with the clear vinyl to create a nearly invincible protective barrier that will defeat age induced brittleness (UV protection), promote continued flexibility and give a superior shine to all clear vinyl without fear of harsh abrasives that can dull clear vinyl over time.

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