Choice Yacht supplies ropes of every type, including wire for rigging, dock and mooring lines, fender rope, heaving lines, sheets etc for superyachts, both power and sail. Apart from functionality, high performance and comfortable handling, Choice Yacht is aware of the importance of lines being aesthetically pleasing and blending in with a vessel.
Choice Yacht provides you with the latest designs and approved anchoring solutions for your yacht. With a wide range of anchor manufacturers from which to choose, from stainless steel and galvanised anchors to all major classification details, we will find a solution which suits the needs of your yacht.

We can supply custom dock lines for securing your boat to a dock, or to another boat when rafting, either temporarily, semi-permanently or permanently. Supplying the best quality marine lines for your yacht is our main objective!

Offering a variety of chain shackles for straight pulling, anchor shackles for multi-dimensional pulls, stainless steel D shackles, bow shackles and many more. If you're unsure what type of rigging shackle will work best for your job, contact us via our contact page or call us at +1.561.832.4206. We can get whatever you need. And don't forget to ask about other accessories and equipment.

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